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Past Projects
  • Death Watch Beetle
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    This was another design that was already done in Foundation Framer, but once again David the Author & Publisher of this book was having difficulty getting it responsive,, working together using My Bespoke Service video & sometimes project files it hapenned, the site became responsive, the book took off, Well done David, by the way Deathwatch Beetle is a great read also, go check out the site and let me know.
    Death Watch Beetle

  • EZorb Calcium
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    This was a fascinating project working with Larry
    The original site was a single page with tabs to the different sections. Larry wanted the new design to have an overall medical feel to it with a single home page, image sliders, new designed forms for contact & other inquiries new page sections & re-designed contacts page, with all sections, links to documents, forms etc, opening in their own modal window therefore keeping the home page in the background. Hard but fulfilling work which resulted in a stellar new web-site.
    Go check it out , see what you think & let me know.
    Ezorb Calcium

  • Port Elliot Boat Caravan Storage
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    The design was already created in Foundation Framer, but Tony the designer needed help in making it responsive, being of the "Old School" and used to designing fixed width sites, he was finding it difficult to visualize how to make it look good at smaller viewport widths, we worked together using My Bespoke Video Tutorials, he was a good student and quickly got the grasp, the result a fully responsive web-site that "WORKS" in the end everybody was very happy. Go check it out
    Port Elliot Storage

  • Westbrook Jazz
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    This is an elegant site designed by Chris in England, it was a fixed width that now needs to be responsive, Chris is a very experienced designer & coder of the old ways, having difficulty visualising the design in mobile device sizes. Using my Bespoke Service with Video Tutorials & updates to the project file, this site is slowly getting there. It is a large site with all sorts of links to music files, video's and other stuff, and with over 120 pages, 
    Once this site is up & running I will put a link for you to see the new site

Present Projects
  • Sabatticals Over Switzerland
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    This Project Strarted out as helping Karen (the designer) with sorting out a gallery, for the photo section of the site, with over 40 images with thunbnails linked to larger images "Orbit" & other sliders didn't fit the bill as the thumbnail images also needed a slider navigation in order to take up less space. I developed one for the site which combined everything that was required. The project then turned into one for helping re-design the first page using RSD (RFF Framework) with video tutorials which Karen followed along with. if you would like to see it and follow the development

  • Maxim Shoenen
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    This is a bespoke made design working together with Dominiek in Belgium. A plain clean simple concept for an on-line shoe e-commerce site,, but get this there are no prices, shoe descriptions or shopping cart !!! strange. Over 600 images so far for the shoes & the brands, with a slide show for the shoes on each page constructed using the full screen modal component in RSD (RFFwireframe) so that makes it over 1,200 images so far.
    http:/maxim./ if you would like to see it and follow the development

  • Russell Baker
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    Working with Russell on a couple of sites with particular emphasis on styling the menus. He is bringing his sites into the RSD V2 universe one at a time having used CC  software since 1999. Working together using custmn videos, he has achieved some extradordinary levels already. Being of the old "Coder" school has helped him and he is a quick learner. Russ does the web-sites for his Church & the local community withou charge, together with his wife they also are involved in helping raise funds for the Chernobyl Children's Project helping those who are still being born 30 years after, who are still suffering the effects of the disaster. Great job Russ keep up the good work.

Future Projects
This Could Be Yours
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Not Sure Where To Start? Lost in the responsive universe? Need some help? Not enough time?, want to follow along with some bespoke video's? or would like me to do the whole thing? you have come to the right place.
Working together we can produce a stellar, breath-taking web-site for you or your client. Hop along to my Bespoke Service page for more details or fill out the booking inquiry form

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