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One To One

This section is all for you. I will work together with you to help you understand how to get around Coffee Cup Foundation Framer, How to start your project & how to progress  it. As we work I will send you the latest version of your project so that you can use it as well as the video to see the development, the thinking and how to do it (even mistakes and all)

Bespoke Services

You have watched the video's on my  tutorials page, on Youtube or on the big screen, you have read the articles that are around until you need glasses, and are still having problems getting going with project don't know how to develop it and take it to the outer reaches of the responsive Universe? or simply can't figure something out ? want to add something, do something different. or just want someone to do it for you.
Welcome To My Bespoke Service:

My Services - Your Choice

One To One
(up to you donation)

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This is where I will make the unique videos for you that you requested to watch, not only  to do with your project but also anything else to do with how, to do and how not to do with Responsive Foundation Framer, these videos are only for you are not available on Youtube or this web-site,, I will send them to you directly through a link to you can then look at them at your lesure, again and again, until you get that ahhhhhhh orgasmic moment when everything starts to make sense again

Shoot Me A Video Or Two Wayan

Bespoke Project
(up to you donation

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Do You Have A Poject Already Started? Getting lost? Cant see the wood for the trees? Dont know which way to turn? Then this is for you, Using unique videos which are yours to keep to watch over & over at your own pace, (not shown on Youtube or this web-site) which are  downloaded to, I will work together with you step by step to help you through the block, until you are able to grasp it. Giving you the ability & confidence to tackle your next project right from the start.

Give Me Some Directions Wayan

I Do It Or I Finish It 
A Paid For Service 
(split 3 ways)

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Already got the design? or just an idea? Need someone to do it for you right from scratch? or maybe you have something already on the way, can't finish it for whatever the reason. I am here to help, I can do it for you to your specification, I can do it for you right from the beginning, or I can take what you have done already and finish it. The design will be loaded onto a testing server as it progresses so you can see it developing, changes styling everything available for you to see live as it happens  Once finished and you are happy, I will send the completed project file for you to upload to your hosting service. The perfect way to get responsive.

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