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hello from sunny bali

My name is Wayan, & I use Coffee Cup Foundation Framer  to create Legendary Stunningly Awesome  web-sites,, you can too using Foundation Framer software from Coffee Cup, I  hope that you will find something useful here that will help you get started- solve problems- or just add that bit of umph to your web-site. Please note I am not connected in any way shape or form to the Coffee Cup Software Company I have done this to try and help others find their way around, be you already  expert or just a beginner.

Responsive Designing With RFF

Responsive Web Design is not only about adjusting screen resolutions and automatically resizing images text or other elements, it's more about a whole new way of thinking about design. If like many others you have been designing/coding fixed width sites for years, and now you need catch up with the 21st Century and start making the "Responsive" site everyone is going on about, then you not only have to have a complete re-think about the site you MUST have a re-think on how you go about it. You cannot plan, design & build a responsive, content-focused, mobile-first website the same way that you have been doing for so long.
There are many applications available nowadays that allow you to create responsive designs, using some of the various frameworks & grids that are around nowadays however  most of them suffer from the same problem — a lack of control over your design and hardly any originality. That's one of the main reasons why so many sites all have that "Another Brick In The Wall"  look about them and after all we are designers & developers not BRICKLAYERS.
Responsive Foundation Framer, a unique front end editor solution based on the Foundation 6.3 framework.,  Responsive Foundation Framer is minimal, modular and lets you combine elements and styles with ease  that gives you control over your design and at the same time, helps you create responsive designs, forget about the complicated coding required to make your pages, images content, -  whatever - respond to different device viewport sizes, Foundation Framer frees you from that burden, by taking care of all the coding for you, allowing you to VISUALLY build and create your pages,  ( you can still go under the hood so to speak, and tinker & tweak the CSS & Html5  JS etc once you export it to any decent HTML Editor ).
There is still however a learning curve that must be climbed in order to visualize your design but once there you can start to build Awesome Stellar sites that fit devices of any size now or in the future.
I Hope you will enjoy and learn something from the Video's..... TAKE THE LEAP OF FAITH trust the software to do it's job HAPPY LEARNING.

Consider A Donation To Help Me Help Others

The video's are absolutely free for you to watch learn and follow, they always will be. There is no commitment conditions or anything else required. However I do support a couple of worthy organisations here in Bali who are trying to break the cycle of poverty through education & restoring sight for the poor & less fortunate people of Bali. If you wish to donate something to these orgainsations (both legally registered charities and vetted by me personally to ensure they do what they say they do) Unless you request otherwise I will share equally at the end of each financial year here in Ball (January) of all donations that have been made and I will choose which part of the projects to give the donation to, depending on how much we have collected and whichever part I think will do the most good. I will send you a letter by Email when I receive your donation, and I will send you another Email once the donations have been placed informing you of what our donation will enabled them to do. I will also put that information on my News Magazine "Gossip"

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