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beating Poverty Through Learning
Education Is The Key

Most of Bali’s remote rural communities have been badly affected in one way or another by both man-made and natural disasters with many families being trapped in the poverty cycle with hardly any income and no real opportunity to break out. There is little or no government assistance, except for certain cases all education must be paid for. The drop-out rate in rural primary schools is very high.
Children frequently have no option other than a lifetime of working on the land or other lowly paid tasks.

Beating Poverty Through Vision
A Sight For Sore Eyes

In the whole of   Indonesia it is estimated that over 7 million people are blind. Around 65% of them are because of cataracts around 80% of all visual impairment can be  prevented or  cured. Approximately 90% of these people are the one's I call the have not's, with very little or even no access to specialist medical facilities not only because of lack of funds, but also lack of knowledge & understanding of the condition and the belief in that their condition is not a punishment from God and can be cured.
Without our support, someone who could easily be treated will remain blind.

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Bali Childern Foundation is an organisation that helps to provide an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese children – a journey leading to knowledge growth and long term sustainability. Teach a child & they can teach an adult, there are many children in Bali living in extremely poor conditions where their only option is to drop out of primary school and work in the fields, as their fathers and forefathers have done for centuries.
These agricultural areas are shrinking with the addition of new and wider roads to accommodate the growing tourist demand for more hotels, villas and restaurants. The children in these areas will have very little or no work at all.
Bali Children Foundation students have extra English classes to improve their written & spoken English. It would benefit the children to have their own age-appropriate English-Indonesian Dictionary to help with their studies. One dictionary costs Rp 100.000 (8 US$). In many cases this is the FIRST BOOKsome of these children will have ever owned.

Donate Now So Together We Can Make The Difference
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Cataract blind people are blind because they are poor, and they are poor because they are blind. When sight is restored to someone who is blind, people can go back to work to support their families; children can go to school. The whole community benefits. The Sight Restoration and Blindness Prevention Project offers cataract surgery in a mobile operating theatre, FREE OF CHARGE for economically-disadvantaged people in the villages of Bali. following the success of this service a natural development for this project is to eradicate curable blindness in Indonesia which is where our support can help them take the very successful mobile eye clinic project to other economically-disadvantaged areas of Indonesia.

Donate Now So Together We Can Make The Difference

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